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Auseo Tabletop Fire Pit Smokeless Outdoor Mini Fire Compact & Portable Dual Fuel with Portable Bag, Red

Auseo Tabletop Fire Pit Smokeless Outdoor Mini Fire Compact & Portable Dual Fuel with Portable Bag, Red

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Auseo's Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand is ideally designed to enhance your dining experience. It makes a striking and interactive centrepiece in any space, making it easy to soak up the fabulous atmosphere.
Auseo's carefully chosen seasonal colours can add warmth and charm to backyards and urban environments. Its high-temperature ceramic coating and stainless steel ensures long-lasting vibrant colours, while the signature 360° airflow system delivers a powerful and comfortable flame effect.
Safety is always our top priority, so we've provided you with a stand to ensure you can enjoy the burn safely and securely on any surface. Allow yourself to sit around the flames with your loved ones and family to create a safe and attractive atmosphere.

- Dimensions: 6.89”*5.51”*5.51”
- Material: Stainless Steel
- Fuel Type: Pellets or Wood
- Weight: 1.76lb
- Accessory: Portable Bag*1; Fire Pit*1

Usage Instructions:
1. Place Auseo on a solid and stable surface.
2. If using wood, ensure it is dry and well-seasoned for optimal burning.
3. If using pellets, attach the pellet burner adapter and fill it with the desired amount of pellets.
4. Light the fuel and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your Auseo Tabletop Fire Pit.
【🔥 DESIGNED FOR YOUR SPACE】: The Auseo is the perfect tabletop fire pit for backyards and urban environments, and its compact design makes it ideal for patios, balconies, and small gardens, providing warmth and ambience to your dining experience.

【🔥 PORTABLE DESIGN】: The Auseo comes with a safety burn stand that allows you to easily place it on a solid surface for hassle-free fire pit enjoyment. Its foldable legs and portable bag design ensure compact storage and easy transport so you can enjoy the flames wherever you go.

【🔥 VERSATILE DUAL FUEL CAPABILITY】: The Auseo has dual fuel capability, giving you the freedom to use either your primary fuel source or a pellet burner adapter. This flexibility allows you to choose the type of fuel that suits your needs, while the Auseo's 360° airflow system ensures a strong, long-lasting flame.

【🔥SAFE & SECURE】 : The equipped stand ensures that the Auseo sits securely on a stable surface, providing you with peace of mind during the burning experience.

【🔥POWERFUL FLAME】 : Auseo's innovative design and 360° airflow system ensures a dense, super-heated flame that creates a captivating ambience and makes your mealtimes more memorable, regardless of fuel source.

【🔥SMOKELESS】  : The unique shape design has greatly reduced the generation of smoke.   You don't have to worry about smoke affecting your food or the air.
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