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Auseo Ice Maker with 1.5L Detachable Water Tank, Cube Ice, Self-Cleaning and Timing Function, Party/Kitchen/Office, Black

Auseo Ice Maker with 1.5L Detachable Water Tank, Cube Ice, Self-Cleaning and Timing Function, Party/Kitchen/Office, Black

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Leading the trend of ice drinking in the future, Auseo desktop ice maker redefines the cool experience at home and office with its light posture and excellent performance. This Auseo ice maker can produce up to 26 pounds of bullet-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours, which can meet your all-weather cooling needs.
1. High-efficiency compressor: 26 pounds for 24 hours.
2. One-click operation: concise and easy to understand, eliminating complicated procedures.
3. Infrared sensing function: ice full, water adding and ice making reminder.
4. Detachable ice scoop and ice basket.
5. bullet ice: soft and won't hurt your teeth.
6. Compact ice maker, suitable for kitchens, offices and more occasions.
1. Color: white
2. The shape of ice: bullet ice.
3. Size of ice: small or large
4. Ice basket capacity: 0.8 liter
5. Reservoir: 1.0 liters
5. Ice making rate: 26 pounds per day
6. Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz
6. Size: 11.10 inches *10.59 inches *8.07 inches
7. Self-cleaning: Press and hold the power button to activate the self-cleaning function.
[Cool with you, follow one's inclinations]
Its compact design and fashionable white appearance, the size is only 11.10*10.59*8.07 inches, which not only saves space, but also is the finishing touch of home decoration.
[One-click start, wisdom and convenience]
Auseo adopts one-button design, which is easy to understand. Built-in intelligent notification system, full ice, water reminder at a glance. More self-cleaning function, you can enjoy fresh and healthy ice cubes with a single click, saving time and worry.
[Personalized customization]
The unique visual transparent cover design allows you to witness every moment of the birth of ice cubes. By adjusting, you can easily customize the size of ice cubes, which can meet your individual needs. Bullet-shaped ice cubes are round and smooth, and do not hurt your teeth, adding a unique flavor to your drink.
[Multi-scene application]
From the family kitchen to the office coffee break, from outdoor parties to RV travel, Auseo ice maker is your indispensable ice partner. Its handle design makes it easy to move and enjoy the cool fun anytime and anywhere.
Choosing Auseo portable and efficient ice maker means choosing a healthy, convenient and fashionable ice lifestyle!

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