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Auseo Portable Countertop Dishwasher 6 Washing Programs and Air-Dry Function for Home

Auseo Portable Countertop Dishwasher 6 Washing Programs and Air-Dry Function for Home

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You may not have installed a dishwasher due to space and design factors. Washing dishes by hand is a waste of water and manpower, and it is not as clean as it looks, and some hidden bacteria need to be eliminated with high temperatures and high pressure water.
Now you have a new option - Auseo Countertop Dishwashers. Giving you more free time, it will make everything organized, multiple programs to meet most of the needs of daily life.
Of course, not only the home can be used, apartments or RV, outdoor camping and other places that are not suitable for installing pipes, you can try the version with water tank. Let everything be so free.
Try Auseo Countertop Dishwashers to improve your quality of life.

Package List:
Complete appliance*1
Cutlery basket*1
User instruction*1
Suction pipe*1
Inlet hose*1
Clamping band*1
Drain hose*1
(Please check the accessories one by one after you open the box. Pleas contact us if there is any shortage or damage)

Please use flat scissors to cut the tie of water pipes and power lines.
  • Small size & Large capacity: Outline size is 17.32 "W x 16.26" D x 16.69 "H, so you have more space to adapt to your use of the site.  At the same time, it can clean 2 Place settings + 6 Serving pieces at one time, which is suitable for most of the life scenes, diversified layout, can be matched at will.
  • 6 Washing Programs: Eco, Norma, Intensive, Rapid, Glass, Fruit. You can choose any of these programs according to your current needs. 
  • Air-Dry Function: In the 24 hours after cleaning, the mode will be turned on for 18 minutes every 3 hours, which is used to keep the dishes clean and prevent the smell of the dishes.
  • Child Lock: It means button lock. You can secure your appliance from being unintentionally the program terminated (e.g. improper operation by children).
  • Delay Start: You can delay the start of the program by up to 24 hours. It makes it easier for you to plan better.
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