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Auseo Electric Fireplace Heater 16", All-metal Frame Freestanding Stove, 3D Flame, Remote Control, 500W/1500W, Black

Auseo Electric Fireplace Heater 16", All-metal Frame Freestanding Stove, 3D Flame, Remote Control, 500W/1500W, Black

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A fireplace in winter can warm your body and mind, so that you can be surrounded by hot air at any time, and you don't have to worry about how to survive this cold season at home. Auseo's freestanding fireplace has a retro appearance, original medieval church door design and solid material structure. The efficient heat output of 5100 BTU can help you drive away the cold and be comfortable in winter. The size of this fireplace is: 16.76 inches * 10.67 inches * 24.25 inches. You can move it easily, and it won't take up much space.
This fireplace can be adjusted in five colors. You can adjust it according to your own preferences and suitable scenes. The realistic flame effect seems to put you in the scene. Infrared heating technology makes the heat coverage wider and the heating speed faster, making every corner of the home warm as spring.
Whether as a gift or for family use, this fireplace is the best gift in winter. Our products are more popular with the public because of the facade design of the Louvre in Europe. Buy it quickly and let it accompany you into winter!
Key Features:
【Realistic Flame Vision】-Gorgeous and real beating flame and burning log design create the effect of realistic flame in the fireplace, as if you were in every scene. Transparent glass on three sides provides 180-degree observation, and you can enjoy the beautiful flame effect from any angle, which will become a highlight and ornament of your room.
【Vintage Design】-The designer was inspired by the interior design of the Louvre in Europe, symbolizing firmness and eternity. The design of arched doors and fences adds historical color to your room. The electric furnace heater is made of steel structure, which ensures long-term use and stability.
【Flame Color & Flame Speed】-4 kinds of flame colors and log colors, and 5 kinds of flame brightness can meet your different needs in different scenes. In addition, the flame speed can also be adjusted and switched according to your situation. When you study, the flame will jump slowly, and when you hold a party, the flame will jump quickly. When you just want to lie on the sofa, it can also be remotely controlled.
【Infrared Heating Mode】-The heating mode is divided into 500/1500W. The infrared system heats the room instead of air drying, which will help you to maintain a natural and comfortable humidity in winter.
【Overheating Protection】-This fireplace is equipped with infrared Shi Ying heat, which helps to keep the natural humidity in the air, thus generating comfortable warmth without drying the room air. The overheating safety device will make the heater safer and more reliable. The air outlet is designed at the bottom of the product, which can effectively avoid overheating and high temperature hazards of the fuselage, so you can use it with confidence.

Special Features:
  • Heating and Flame Work Separately
  • Infrared Heating
  • Remote Control
  • Carbon Steel
  • Temperature Display

Package Included:
  • Manual *1 pc
  • Base Angle * 4 pc
  • Electric Fireplace *1 pc
  • Remote Control *1 pc
  • Screw M5*12 * 8 pc
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