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Auseo 2+1 Burner LPG Barbecue Grill (31000BTU) with Side Burner, Stainless Steel, Black

Auseo 2+1 Burner LPG Barbecue Grill (31000BTU) with Side Burner, Stainless Steel, Black

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Imagine sitting outdoors with family and friends. The Auseo barbecue grill is full of firepower, and the ingredients are jumping in the flames, and the aroma is overflowing. Its fashionable design and excellent performance make every barbecue an unforgettable memory. Auseo barbecue grill has excellent performance and fashionable design. The 2+1 burner has strong firepower, and the ingredients are evenly heated, and the taste is delicious. Black is fashionable in appearance and durable in stainless steel. Auseo barbecue grill has double shelves, storage racks, thermometers and other practical functions, bringing you a convenient outdoor barbecue experience.
【Unique 2+1 burner design】 Auseo outdoor barbecue grill is an excellent companion for your outdoor barbecue. The main burner is as high as 22000 BTU/Hr, and the side burner is 9000 BTU/Hr, which makes the ingredients cooked quickly and tastes delicious.
【Closed heating, delicious as ever】 Unique closed cooking mechanism locks every drop of delicious juice of ingredients, adding freshness and smoothness when cooking, and making barbecue food more delicious.
【Practical design, everything is available】Double shelves, the upper layer is thawed and preheated, and the lower layer is directly barbecued, which is convenient for preparing ingredients. The size of Auseo barbecue grill is 41.73*39.37*20.08 inches, and it is equipped with an extended storage rack, which can be used to place condiments or cook other delicacies to meet your various needs. The thermometer monitors in real time, and the firepower can be easily adjusted, so that you can easily master the temperature.
【Safe and worry-free, easy to operate】Widened handle design can effectively prevent burns and ensure your safety. Stainless steel material, durable, long-lasting luster, so that you can enjoy the professional barbecue experience outdoors.
【Portable and light, walk away】Four-wheel design, easy to move, whether it's a picnic, camping, family or group building activities, it can create a gourmet world for you anytime and anywhere.
Auseo outdoor barbecue grill, portable, fresh and practical, is the best choice for your outdoor barbecue!

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