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Auseo 1.5qt Ice Cream Maker with Compressor,Electric Automatic Ice Cream Machine,20lbs

Auseo 1.5qt Ice Cream Maker with Compressor,Electric Automatic Ice Cream Machine,20lbs

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Auseo 1.5QT Ice Cream Maker with Compressor is a highly efficient and convenient electric ice cream machine. Equipped with advanced compressor technology, this product can make a variety of delicious ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet without pre-freezing The ice cream maker is easy to use. Simply add the ingredients, select the desired program, and start the machine. Moreover, it has a keep-cool function that allows users to take out and enjoy the freshly made ice cream within half an hour. Compared with traditional manual ice cream makers, Auseo 1.5QT Ice Cream Maker has a faster speed and does not require. This feature makes it more healthy, convenient, and environmentally sustainable. In conclusion, for functional ice cream, Auseo 1.5QT Ice Cream Maker with Compressor is definitely a great choice. Come and experience the pleasure of making delicious ice cream with this amazing product!

  • Quick and No Pre-Freezing Required:The Auseobrand ice cream maker comes with a built-in compressor that allows for direct cooling of the mixture without the need for pre-freezing. In just one hour, the ice cream maker can prepare a delicious batch of ice cream for you and your family.
  • 4 Modes and Keep Cool Function:The Auseoice cream maker offers four modes: single stirring, single freezing, ice cream mode, and yogurt mode. When the ice cream is ready and left unattended, the ice cream maker automatically activates a one-hour keep cool function to maintain the freshness and texture of the ice cream.
  • Easy Operation and User-Friendly:With an LCD display screen and simple controls, the ice cream maker is easy to operate, and you can quickly set the working time. It is perfect for making ice cream together with children and is a preferred choice for home ice cream makers.
  • Detachable and Compact Size:The ice cream maker has a compact design that can easily fit on your countertop. Its detachable accessories are made of lightweight plastic, making cleaning a breeze. The dimensions of the Auseoice cream maker are 14.9 inches (length) * 10.6 inches (width) * 9.5 inches (height).
  • Healthy and Cost-effective:You have the option to choose your own ingredients, ensuring a healthier and cleaner ice cream. It can produce approximately 1.6 quarts of ice cream per batch, allowing you to create various flavors such as fruit ice cream and sorbet. Making homemade ice cream is more cost-effective compared to buying from stores, providing both economic and health benefits.
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